Lessons, Training & Breaking In


Lessons and clinics are available by appointment with an EA NCAS qualified instructor.

Danielle Shearer is available by appointment for lessons at Diarmin Park.  Her training methods are based on the German training scale:

  1. Rhythm
  2. Suppleness
  3. Contact
  4. Impulsion
  5. Straightness
  6. Collection

As a Grand Prix FEI rider, she is very passionate about the sport of dressage and happily teaches riders & horses of any level, making each lesson fun and innovative for her students & helping them achieve their individual goals.

Prices: $70 per 45 minutes (On your horse) at Diarmin Park

             $80 per 45 minutes (On your horse) if Travelling within the Scenic Rim Shire 

             $100 per 45 minutes if travelling outside the Scenic Rim unless multiple lessons booked.


Danielle is also available for group lessons or clinics upon request and travels to the Gold Coast to teach on Wednesday's.



Full training is available for your horse on a weekly or casual basis & include:

  • Grand Prix FEI Dressage Trainer - Danielle Shearer (EFA Level 1 Dressage Coach)
  • Stables
  • Day yards with shelters
  • 60m x 20m arena

Whilst horses are in Training with Diarmin Park they are given the utmost care. Our training program is individually tailored for each horse and can include a variety of sessions such as dressage, lungeing, ride-outs, etc etc.

We also campaign horses for you and stallions are more than welcome at our facilities. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


$60 per day casual or $350 per week inc gst (this may vary at times depending on each horse's individual needs). This fee includes:

Stabling at night, yard during the day, training, lungeing, hard feed twice daily & hay, rugging/unrugging of horses - rugs supplied by owner. Professional videos & advertising of horses for sale. 

Vet, farrior, chiropractor & all other costs are additional fees at the expense of the owner. 

All owners are to sign a Training & Agistment contract upon delivery of horses for training and all fees must be finalized prior to collection.


We also take Horses in for Breaking here at Diarmin Park.  Our approach to breaking horses in is kind & gentle creating a partnership of Respect, Leadership & Trust building firm foundations for your horse for it's future in any discipline.

Generally we take horses for a minimum of 6 weeks. The horse will be ready to go home when both Danielle and the client are happy that they are confident on the ground and riding their horse.  Remember, every horse is different, therefore they all progress at a different rate in the starting process.  Some horses need more time on the ground and others are ridden in the first week.  Danielle will communicate with you during the starting process as to where your horse is at and how they are progressing.  Some clients also choose to leave their horses longer than 6 weeks so Danielle can put a more solid foundation on them.

Breaking In Cost - $450 per week 


Limited spaces are at times offered for agistment of horses at Diarmin Park at a rate of $150 per week inc gst. This fee includes:

Cattle rail yard with shelter (stabling at night can be arranged), rugging/de-rugging, Hard feed twice per day & hay, use of 60m x 20m dressage arena, wash bay, lockable tack room, on site supervision at all times.

Contact us to discuss agistment availability.


Danielle is happy to compete your horse at competitions or Campaign your horse on the Dressage circuit for you. Your horse will be prepared (washed, plaited and presented) in an appropriate manner for the competition at a small additional cost, contact us for prices.


Selling your horse could not be easier!! Ask us about our recent sales or check out the sold pages. We are able to use our knowledge and extensive contacts within the equine industry to help you sell your horse.  

We accept horses that are sound and free from any dangerous vices or habits and with a value of around ten thousand and above.  Less than that, the fees to keep your horse with us, make it hardly worth the while for the owner to do.  Notwithstanding that, we can also take a horse currently worth less than the ten thousand dollars, that has potential to grow in value, and work with it to grow the value and then sell them on your behalf.  You may be surprised at just how effective this can be.

So whatever the value of your horse, if you think it has potential and are considering selling it and would like our advice as to the best course of action to take, then talk to us and we will advise you accordingly.

When taking your horse on to sell, the full care, feed, board and training fee above will be applied. 

Extra charges which may be incurred are for time spent for vet checks, plaiting and showing of your horse to interested buyers, and in many cases helping with the organising of transportation for pick up or delivery to their new homes.